Depositary Service - Liderinvest JSC
Minsk 220015, Belarus 41 Y.Maura Str, office 512
Tel. / Fax: : (+375 17) 2 217 217 Depositary: tel. 375 (17) 2 270 111
Depositary Service

Depositary Service

Depositary Liderinvest JSC serves 85 issuers of securities, and is more than 25 thousands accounts "depot" that based on long-term cooperation. We provide services based on an individual approach to needs of each client. Depositary’s customers get a full range of services, including consulting services. Individuals are served in a comfortable operating hall. We are constantly working on service improvement with new technologies and methods.
For more information about the services rendered by the depositary of Liderinvest JSC, please call:
+375 (017) 2 270 111
Депозитарные услуги в Минске Лидеринвест